Sorek Desalination Plant

Sorek Desalination Plant

The Sorek sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant is able to processes 624,000 cubic meter of seawater every day. This revolutionary new plant supplies Israel with over 20% of the population’s potable water needs.

Hutchison Water, together with local Israeli partner, have successfully completed all aspects of the project from planning, design, engineering, technology, construction and operation. Through the shared entities of Engineering, Purchasing and Construction (EPC), through the operation of the concessionaire (a SPC) which obtained third parties’ financing for the project, and through the Operations and Maintenance entity, the Sorek Project has received world prominence and acclaim.
In 20014 the project was the awarded “Desalination Project of the Year” award by Global Water Intelligence.

Alleviating the severe water shortage in the region, in 2017 and 2018 the Sorek Desalination Project was able to increase its production by approximately 20% and provide 175 million cubic meters of the highest quality desalinated water annually.

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Project Data

Key Facts:

    • Contract Type : Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Project (26.5 years)
    • Capacity: 150 million m3/year (Contractual)
    • Location: Israel
    • Total investment: approximately US$ 500 million.
    • Construction period: 2.5 years.
    • Plant footprint : 100,000 square meters
    • Financing: Financed by a consortium Israeli and international bank led by Bank Leumi. 

Project features:

    • Off- shore pipe jacking-  3.6. kilometers
    • On- shore pipe jacking-  6.15 kilometers
    • Intake pumping station – 2.4 kilometers from the seashore
    • Backwash treatment plant
    • 48 Sand filters
    • 16,240 vertical 16″ membranes
    • Substation- 22KVA
    • Power supply by an on-site independent natural gas fired IPP


    • One of the world’s largest Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SWRO) Plants
    • High quality water product, which meets special requirements for low boron and chloride concentrations
    • Low water cost
    • Keeping the environment safe :
      • Environmentally friendly design
      • Pipe jacking used for Intake and Brine pipes (total of approximately 10 km), managed by Hutchison Water team, providing the following environmental advantages:

        • Prevention and minimization of environmental disruptions Minimal entrainment/impingement effects at the intake suction heads
      • Low chemicals consumption
      • Energy source:  clean natural gas