Our Services

We believe in providing our customers end-to-end solutions for their water and hydroelectric needs.

Our teams will evaluate all existing water sources, conduct the most professional surveys to assess the availability and accessibility of water resources and provide complete water cycle solutions, including the production of water, the decontamination of existing water sources, and the treatment of used water, either industrial or municipal.

Our skilled technical teams will support customers in order to best understand the options for water production, use and treatment. For plants built we will provide the expertise and professionalism needed to assure the efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the design, build and operation stages.

We will provide all support services throughout the life of the projects, including the identification of building partners, financing options, all design services, construction supervision, commissioning, preventive maintenance, training, operations, repairs, and upgrades.


Fresh water is in great demand. 97% of the water on earth is salted. Desalination can quench the thirst of millions whose water supply is uncertain. Hutchison Water can provide robust, environmentally friendly and cost effective desalination solutions. Our expertise and experience in designing and building desalination solutions assure low cost and on time delivery of desalination projects of all sizes.


Our experts are working hand in hand with clients to help clients achieve wastewater treatment efficiency, compliance and sustainable economic success in highly regulated business environments. Our team’s exceptional expertise and experience is particularly valuable when unique industrial wastewater treatment processes are to be implemented. A range of solutions is available including review and testing, design and build and streamlining system operations in order to achieve environmental compliance, system reliability and cost efficiency.


Commited to renewable energy solutions, our experienced team engages in a number of hydro projects ranging from large scale pumped storage projects to small hydropower projects, incorporating all environmental aspects and optimizing generation and investment costs.